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The Ways of History - is a Browser Based Mass Multiplayer Real Time Strategy, developed, published and supported by "Glyph Worlds".                     

In 2011 Ways of History was awarded as "Best Debut" on Russian Game Developers Conference.

About the Game

The Ways of History gives players the opportunity to go all the way through the history of humanity from the Stone Age till Present Time. Each player can take a role: he or she can be an industrialist that develops deposits and produces necessary resources for a country; a scientist that moves the country to a bright future; or a warrior who defends his country from enemies. Alternatively, a player can combine some of those roles to become an ultimate country leader. The Ways of History doesn't have age segmentation like games such as Sid Meier's Civilization. All sciences are intertwined so players can choose to advance in one area and forget about others.

Game goal

Game is shattered on worlds, in each world humanity start there history from the beginning, union in countries, fights. Final goal of the world, afterwards world closed and counts as ended is a Space ship launch. To launch a Space ship, needed serious economy and scientific preparation, so good team work - one of the most important gameplay factor, that usually determines the winner. Usually the world lasts for 7-9 monthes.  

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